Why rent from Facilrent

Why rent from Facilrent?

Facilrent has exactly the rental car that a tourist really needs!
  • Good, high, robust and off-road car at an affordable all-inclusive price.
  • 200 km free per day, accumulable on the rental period (usually enough).
  • Any number of border crossings to Chile for a one-off fee of just EUR 99.
  • Nationwide towing service included.
  • One-way rentals possible by arrangement. Only € 0.75 per km distance.
  • Any locations of vehicle pickup and drop off can be arranged. Only € 0.75 per km distance from the next pick up/drop off location.
  • No elaborate guarantees.
  • English and German-language correspondence and processing.
  • English and German speaking contact person and support in the country.
  • Tourist hints. Route suggestions. Hotel reservations etc.
  • Navigation, road atlas, spare can, cooling box, air compressor etc. can be borrowed for a small fee.

With us free of charge!

  • Takeover & delivery in Córdoba
  • Pick up & drop off at the airport or hotel
  • Registration of additional drivers

1. Our mission

To enable foreign tourists to experience the beautiful landscapes of Argentina in their own rental vehicle.

2. Our aims

To provide our customers with the best possible rental vehicle experience in Argentina in order to enjoy the beauties of the country without any problems.

3. What makes us different

Reliability. Cheap prices. Good vehicles. Flexibility. English and German language. Individual service. Personal care.

A different car rental experience in Argentina

The typical Internet research often proceeds as follows: Enter the most varied terms on the topic of renting a car in Argentina at “Google”. What comes out

Lots of rental car portals with supposedly worldwide available cars. But you rarely find a direct, Argentine car rental company.

If you have actually found a direct rental car company, the rental car websites are completely out of date or prices are missing.

If you then ask the prices or fill out a contact form, you won’t even get an answer. And calling Argentina directly is futile. Either nobody answers the phone or the number no longer exists.

Make a reservation now at Facilrent and save time and frustration

Facilrent makes a difference! A reliable rental car service in Argentina under German management. A small company that specializes in foreign tourists. Exactly the vehicles are offered that a tourist in Argentina really needs. High, off-road cars (off-roaders). This allows you to easily drive the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia and the Andes routes with heights of over 4,000 m. A small car is too low for this and has too little power. A 4 × 4 is advantageous. Robust all-wheel drive vehicles that offer enough space for at least 4 people. Plus enough cargo space for all your luggage.

Experience Patagonia, the Pampas and the Andean Mountains in your own vehicle! Simply rent a car and drive to the end of the world.




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