Spanish course in Argentina

Spanish course in Argentina

Book a Spanish course in Argentina

Would you like to travel through Argentina and perhaps other neighboring countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia? And experience unforgettable adventures travelling by rental car? After all, you have access to the locals mainly through language. And this is ultimately Spanish. But the practical aspect also applies: being able to ask about the nearest petrol station. Being able to make yourself understood when you need to visit a garage. Or to be able to reserve a hotel or hostel, ask for directions, etc. You are constantly exposed to the Spanish language. As a result, it is good to be able to make yourself reasonably understandable. Book a Spanish course in Argentina. You will have more of your rental car trip through Argentina. Don’t think that you can only get along with English in South America …

So why not learn Spanish at the start of your tour?

So that you can help yourself in problematic situations when driving a rental car through Argentina. At least attending one or two weeks of intensive Spanish tuition.

In Córdoba you can do this directly with us. Here is the website of the Spanish language school:

But we can also recommend a language school in other cities. Just ask us, ideally by email to