International insurance package

An affordable international insurance for your trip

When traveling overseas, you should definitely have suitable insurance cover. Have you already taken out international health insurance for your upcoming trip to Argentina by rental car? If not, we can warmly recommend the following insurance package for long-term travelers up to 69 years:


Sickness, accident and Liability insurance

Complete “Protrip” insurance cover from Dr. Walter GmbH. The insurance can be taken out at short notice on a monthly basis and includes health, accident and liability insurance coverage worldwide.

How to get your international insurance: simply click on the “Protrip” international insurance package below, depending on where you live. If you live in Germany, click here.

Then you can contact Dr. Walter GmbH can easily take out the insurance you want online. You will immediately receive a preliminary insurance confirmation. You should always have this with you in the rental car if you should fall ill on the way or have an accident with the rental vehicle.

Insurance Package