Extras for the rental car

Useful extras for the rental car trip

When traveling to Argentina, the suitcase is usually already packed. There are hardly any more space for things that you would like to have with you on your adventure tour to the end of the world. That’s why you simply rent a few useful extras for your trip. If you need additional, other things, just ask us.


Navigation / GPS

Only Euro 20, –

In Argentina, the traffic signs are poor and it is often difficult to find your way around in larger cities. You will be glad to have a navigation system with you. Not only to find your hotel quickly in the evening, especially in the dark, but also to e.g. display the altitude you are at. Or, for the long distances, how far you are from your destination or the nearest petrol station. Just rent a GPS (Garmin), it doesn’t cost much.


Cooling box

Only Euro 20, –

It is often very hot, especially in the high season in the Argentine summer between November and February. Enjoy a cool drink from the cooling box while resting on the side of the path. There are huge refrigerators for cheap ice packs (hielo) at the petrol stations. Simply put such an ice pack in the cooling box and you can refresh yourself at any time and keep your sandwich or fruit longer.


Border crossings to Chile

Only Euro 99, –

A border crossing with the rental vehicle to Chile must be registered with customs beforehand to be authorized to cross the border. For a one-off fee of just EUR 99, we can register any number of border crossings from / to Argentina – Chile for you. A necessary Mercosur plus Chile insurance is also taken out. And no matter where you cross the border, every border crossing along the Andean Cordillera is spectacular.


Air compressor

Only Euro 20, –

A small electric 12V air compressor, which is connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, is a great help if you have a flat tire. At least get to the nearest tire repair shop (gomería) to have the tire repaired. Or you can use it to inflate an air mattress or a bike you have carried with you.



Only Euro 25, –

Scrolling in a road atlas while driving can shorten the long driving hours, especially for the front passenger. Useful for orienting yourself where you are and what is nearby. Or to plan the day ahead at breakfast. Sitting over map sections to see how best to get to XY National Park. City maps of the large inner cities are also included here, as are often useful tourist tips. Unfortunately the Firestone Atlas de Rutas is no longer published. The YPF Atlas de Rutas and the extensive road atlas from the ACA (Automovil Club Argentino) now offer replacements for this.