Cheap flights to Argentina

Cheap flights to Argentina

Looking for cheap flights – Fairlines!

Have you not yet booked your flight to Argentina or South America? And are you still looking for a cheap flight?

Then you are welcome to contact our flight partner Fairlines in Hamburg, Germany.

Fairlines can make you a cheap flight offer without obligation. And advise you extensively on flights to South America. You don’t have to live in Hamburg. That means it doesn’t matter where you live. Because the entire flight booking can be made by phone or email.

The Fairlines team is very experienced with flights to Argentina, especially to Córdoba. Attention is paid to some important details. So the flight should be changable. The connection should also not include long waiting times when changing airports or flights. Otherwise, a total of 20 hours of travel can quickly become 40 hours of travel to South America. There are also baggage restrictions for many airlines.


Flights directly to Córdoba

If you are flying to Córdoba to receive your rental car from us, you can currently find good connections with:

Air Europe: via Madrid and a stopover in Asunción / Paraguay to Córdoba.

Lufthansa / TAM: via Sao Paulo directly to Córdoba.

Lan Chile: via Santiago de Chile directly to Córdoba with a flight over the Andes and a spectacular view of the Aconcagua.

With Copa Airlines via Panamá directly to Córdoba.

And numerous flights over Buenos Aires. There are connections that go from Ezeiza International Airport to Córdoba without changing airports in Buenos Aires. Otherwise you arrive in Buenos Aires in Ezeiza at the international airport and have to change with the bus shuttle to the national airport Aeroparque in the city center, 37 km away.