Córdoba – Villa General Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano

Córdoba – Villa General Belgrano

Type: day trip from Córdoba to Villa General Belgrano

Distance: approx. 80 km. 2 hours drive.

Places of interest: Valle de Calamuchita, Dique Los Molinos, Villa General Belgrano, La Cumbrecita.

The “German alpine village” Villa General Belgrano (VGB), inhabited by descendants of the seamen of the Graf Spee armored ship sunk in World War II. Many German, Swiss and Italian immigrants have settled here. Due to its “alpine” character, Villa General Belgrano has blossomed into a popular tourist town. The Oktoberfest or “Beer Festival” is known throughout Argentina and is marketed accordingly due to its German origin. The environment is very nice. You can enjoy hearty German cuisine or a mountain trout in one of the many German-named restaurants.

The Oktoberfest is every year very popular and crowed. To find a parkting lot free of charge is a challange. The so called “Naranjitas” also celebrate their high season waiting for the tourist to charge desproportional parking fees…

How to get to VGB?

You can easily get to VGB from Cordoba by a rented car. The easiest way to do this is to drive the Autopista to Alta Gracia. And from there continue the winding road No. 5 through the Calamuchita valley. At the highest point you have a beautiful view of the Dique de los Molinos reservoir with its houseboats. The streets are lined with booths selling handicrafts, local culinary delights and homemade bread (pan casero).

In other words, a great day trip with a rental car. If you still have some time, you should also visit the alpine village of La Cumbrecita at an altitude of 1,450 m. The alpine-style mountain huts and the spruce forests really make you feel in the Alps. You have to leave the car at the entrance to the village. You can then walk the nice town. A long stony through the woods end at a waterfall. At summer time you can take a refreshing bath.


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