Córdoba – Traslasierra – Mina Clavero

Mina Clavero in Traslasierras

Córdoba – Traslasierra – Mina Clavero

Type: day tour or with an overnight stay.

Distance: approx. 200 km from Córdoba. Travel time: at least 2.5 hours

Places of interest: Observatorio Bosque Alegre, Pampa de Achala, Parque Provincial Los Condoritos, Mina Clavero, Nono, San Javier, Dique La Viña.

Nice day tour to Traslasierra

A very nice day tour with a rental car or to continue your journey to Mendoza leads over the high plateau Pampa de Achala (2,000 m) to the west side (Traslasierras) of the Sierras de Córdoba. In the morning you rent a car and then take the number 38 motorway from Córdoba to Carlos Paz. Before Carlos Paz you turn off at the junction to Falda del Carmen / Alta Gracia. The C45 goes over a lovely, open landscape to the Rotonda in Falda del Carmen. First you screw the E96 up to the observatory Bosque Alegre. Be sure to drive right up to the observatory and do not leave the rental vehicle at the entrance gate! The planetarium can be visited between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Admission with a guided tour costs around 1.50 – 2.00 euros. The tour of the observatory takes about half an hour.

Through the Pampa de Achala

Then it goes downhill again before you screw up the next switchbacks on the plateau of the “Pampa de Achala” to over 2,000 m. This drinking water protection area (Reserva Hídrica) is characterized by the round, large granite chunks (so-called wool bag weathering). You can stop at the Parador “El Condorito”, the entrance to the national park of the same name. Here you should not leave the rental car unattended, as you have to walk about 2.5 km to the gorge. You can have lunch a few kilometers further at “La Posta”. At some point you get a clear view of Traslasierras on the right side. Then it goes down steeply until the Ruta 20 at the junction Mina Clavero (to the right) or Nono (to the left).

Mina Clavero and Nono

Mina Clavero is a well-known holiday resort and full in summer when many locals relax and go swimming along the rivers. If you drive left towards Nono, you come through a garden of Eden. A very beautiful landscape with small tourist towns such as Las Rabonas, Villa de las Rosas, San Javier, Yacanto to Merlo (San Luis). Our tip: stop for lunch in La Viña at Dique La Viña for a fish meal in the restaurant “El Murallón”. Here you sit on a terrace directly at the reservoir with a beautiful view of the calm water.

Traslassierras is ideally accessible by rental car. A bus can take you to Mina Clavero, but then you can’t make photo stops and you can’t stop where you want. Simply rent a car in Córdoba and drive through the Sierras.


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