Córdoba – Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquito - Flamingos

Córdoba – Mar Chiquita

The drainless Laguna Mar Chiquita will transform into a salt lake over time. It is the largest lake in Argentina and the second largest in South America after Lake Titicaca in Bolivia / Peru. “The Little Sea” is a brackish water lake, and very shallow. That is why there are hardly any places that are deeper than 20 m.

Miramar is the main tourist town on the south bank of Mar Chiquita. The lagoon is a nature reserve. This is where many migratory birds stop off while hiking from Patagonia further north. In particular, you can watch colorful flamingos here.

The trip by rental car from Cordoba to Mar Chiquita goes through desolate flatlands. The country road is quite narrow, little traffic and has many potholes. The trip itself is not particularly exciting. But on a hot summer day you can go swimming in the Mar Chiquita. The particularly high salt content has a curative effect on many diseases. At lunchtime you should stop in one of the many parrillas in Miramar. Of course, the local fish from the Mar Chiquita is particularly recommended: Merluza and Pejerrey.

Type: day tour

Kilometers: approx. 193 km, 2.5 hours by car

Route: Ruta Nacional 10, Ruta Nacional 17

Attractions: fauna, flamingos, swamps, half-sunken hotel, beach, swimming, brackish water lagoon, eating Pejerrey and Merluza fish.


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