Córdoba – Alta Gracia

Estancia Jesuitica de Alta Gracia

Córdoba – Alta Gracia

Type: Afternoon excursion to Alta Gracia.

Distance: approx. 35 km, half an hour by car.

Places of interest: Estancia Jesuítica, Che Guevara Museum, casino.

Alta Gracia can either be done as a leisurely coffee ride in the afternoon with a rental car. Or as a stopover for the onward journey to Villa General Belgrano. Thanks to the new highway, this small town of Alta Gracia can be reached quickly from Córdoba. To do this, simply drive Velez Sarsfield in Córdoba city out of town until it branches off into Ruta 5. The toll station then comes outside the city and then the new highway begins.

One could stop briefly at the obelisk, the marking of the southern tropic. In Alta Gracia, just turn into the center at the roundabout (Rotonda), through the brick city gate. It is best to drive to the plaza, where you can leave your rental car. You can walk around the plaza and through the small park up to the Estancia Jesuítica. This Estancia can be visited at any time, the entry fee is low.

Home of Che Guevara

The famous Museo de Che Guevara, on the other hand, is a little poorly signposted. Che Guevara lived in Alta Gracia during his student days. The entrance fee for this small museum is disproportionately high, but just have a look inside. Among other things, the legendary motorcycle Che Guevaras is exhibited. The motor cycle has become famous through the cinema success “Motocycle Diaries”.

Then you can still walk through the peaceful town. Drink a coffee, eat an ice cream or visit the casino.

In the Argentine summer, the so-called Fiesta de los Colectividades or Encuentro de Colectividades takes place every year in Alta Gracia. Then there are food trucks with specialties from many immigrant countries. Artists of different nationalities also appear.


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