Expensive car hire in Argentina

To rent a car in Argentina is expensive

Why are rental cars in Argentina relatively expensive?

Why is it so expensive to rent a car in Argentina?

Surely you have already searched for cheap rental cars in Argentina but found few offers. Surprisingly rental cars are expensive in Argentina!

All-wheel drive vehicles, SUVs or 4 × 4 in particular have their price in Argentina. Not because overpriced tourist prices are made here. But because there are specific reasons for this in Argentina. We also started and offered much cheaper cars. Until we were caught up in the high Argentine costs. Here we show you why it is relatively expensive to rent reasonable vehicles in Argentina. Expensive car hire in Argentina has its reasons.

The top 10 reasons why rental cars are relatively expensive in Argentina.

  • New cars like used cars are more expensive than in Europe
  • Taxes, duties and fees are higher than in Europe.
  • Loans are much more expensive than in Europe
  • The condition of the roads is much worse than in Europe, so more repairs
  • The distances are huge and the mileage is much higher than in Europe, therefore increased wear
  • Spare parts, especially imported ones, are more expensive than in Europe
  • The rental market is much smaller, the season is limited to summer
  • Insurance is more expensive than in Europe
  • There is a property tax in Argentina, which also includes cars
  • Cars have to go to technical revision every year, pickups even every 6 months

There is an urban and a provincial vehicle tax (patentes + rentas).

Value added tax (IVA) is high (21%). There is gross sales tax (Ingresos Brutos). Additionally the profit tax (Ganancias) is higher than in Europe.

Everything related to cars is expensive in Argentina

… .. everything, but also everything to do with cars and transport, is heavily cashed in Argentina. By the always clammy municipalities, provinces and the state. Buying / selling a car and transferring it is hell of a bureaucracy. And also an economically damaging waste of productive time.

A car registration in Germany takes about 15 minutes. You only need the insurance code and it does not even cost € 50.

In Argentina you can’t do it in one day. Because first you have to do a “verificación policial” (takes several hours waiting time). The engine number and chassis number are compared for the umpteenth time on the same vehicle. The windows have to be engraved, as well as various other car parts. You have to buy countless documents. And at least an entire morning is spent in the “Registro de Automotor”. All the fun costs around a month’s wage. Nevertheless the new vehicle registration certificate will only come in 2 weeks. To get it you have to go back to the “Registro de Automotor.” Improvements are coming slowly with digitalization.

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