Visa and Passport

Visa and Passport to enter Argentina

EU citizens can easily travel to Argentina with their valid passport for 90 days. If you want to stay longer, you can have this tourist visa extended for another 90 days by a foreigners’ registration office (Migraciones). In the end, the administration fee was the equivalent of around 50 euros.

* Note: Migraciones actually has 2 stamps: once with 90 days (90 dias) and once with 3 months (3 meses). This is a difference! Because 3 months are not necessarily 90 days …

As a rule, a border official stamps an entry stamp in your passport with the date and the note “90 días” or “3 meses”. Also the abbreviation “TA” for tourist (turista).

Instead of wasting a lot of time at Migraciones to extend the tourist visa for another 90 days, it is easier to leave the country briefly before the first 90 days have expired. Then you can enter Argentina again. This automatically reissues a tourist visa for 90 days or 3 months.

Conclusion: Rent a car in Argentina and max. drive around in Argentina for 89 days. Finally cross the border on the 90th day at the latest. For example with a spectacular trip through the Andes from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile. Or cross the huge Rio Paraná to Uruguay. Finally return to Argentina after a few days.

* Remember the weather when crossing the Andes, because the passes are often blocked due to snow …


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