With a rental car through Patagonia, the Pampa and the Península Valdés

By rental car down to Tierra del Fuego, the end of the world!

Car Rental in Argentina

Adventure in your own rental car through Argentina

The ultimate adventure with car rental in Argentina: just rent a car in beautiful and huge Argentina. Drive your own rental car through the pampas to the endless beaches of the Atlantic coast. Or cross the Andes through wild gorges and screw yourself up to the Bermejo Pass, passing the snow-covered Aconcagua. Then roll down the switchbacks to Santiago de Chile. Just in 2 hours in a rental car you will have reached the Pacific ocean at Valparaíso.


Facilrent, Argentina´s car rental for 4 × 4 vehicles makes it possible. This is how the beautiful landscapes go gy in an air-conditioned rental car: the green forests in southern Argentina and Chile all the way down into the steppes of Patagonia to the magnificent glaciers and deep blue lakes. At some point the street in Ushuaia stops on Tierra del Fuego. At the end of the world, the only way forward is by ship to Antarctica. Return the rental car to a local car rental company and fly back to Buenos Aires. Or the South America adventure continues: drive the car back over the Beagle Channel, always north. Then along the coast with a detour to Península Valdés for a visit to the whales, penguins and sea lions.


For rental car tours better a 4 × 4 with enough ground clearance

The landscapes in Argentina are wonderful and the distances are huge. But the roads are partly bad and gravel. Small cars are suitable for the city. For a round trip through Argentina in a rental car, you’d better rent a larger and robust four-wheel drive vehicle, a 4 × 4. Because only with such off-road vehicles you can safely climb the Andes, e.g. to Laguna Brava in La Rioja or through the National Park Valle de la Luna. Even on the long gravel roads in Patagonia, be it at remote estancias or at Punta Tombo to the sea lions, you will be glad to have rented an affordable all-wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance. Read here why it should be a 4 × 4 Toyota Hilux.


Access to the landscape highlights only in the rental car

Argentina has a lot to offer. Here is a short list of highlights. Drive along the great Rio Paraná stream to the spectacular Iguazú waterfalls. From there the endless straight route in the Toyota Hilux 4 × 4 through the hot Chaco semi desert. The air conditioning makes it bearable while the air outside flickers with heat. In the end, the beautiful landscapes of Salta and Jujuy in the northwest are waiting for you. Above all, it is the varied landscape panorama that makes Argentina so special. The best way to “experience” this is in your own rental car. This is the only way to have access to the most beautiful places and you can take always a photo stop when you like. Plan enough time for your trip. And if you particularly like it somewhere, just stay there a few days longer. By rental car through Argentina: an unforgettable experience.


4 × 4 rental cars with Facilrent also affordable possible

Car rentals are relatively expensive in Argentina. Facilrent, the affordable car rental in Argentina, shows that there is another way. Specialized in foreign tourists who want to explore Argentina on their own in a robust and reliable 4 × 4 rental car.

To rent a car in Argentina is expensive

Cerro Aconcagua