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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have any other concerns, doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email under info@facilrent.com

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1. Will I receive a confirmation of my online reservation?

Yes, of course. Once your online reservation is processed or we finally agreed individually about all reserved services and we received the corresponding reservation fee we will email you a pdf reservation confirmation.

2. How can I pay for the service?

We offer different payment options. The most commons for the reservation fee are a PayPal transfer or a money transfer to our partners´ bank account in Europe. The easiest, cheapest and safest option to cancel the rest of the rental fee is to bring Euro or US$ with you to Argentina and pay the rental fee in cash when receiving the vehicle. But also bank transfers or PayPal transactions are possible.

3. What if I need to keep the car a bit longer than the agreed date and time?

You just have to contact us as soon as possible and we confirm the prolongation if your car is not already assigned to another client.

4. Do you have mileage limit?

Our standard offer includes a “mileage” of 200 km free per day. If you rent a vehicle for 10 days you will have 2.000 km free. Additional km will be charged after returning the vehicle.

You can also agree with your reservation “unlimited mileage” for a higher rental fee. With the “unlimited mileage” you can drive as much km as you want without any extra charges.

5. What is included in your rates? Do you charge additional fees?

Our standard offer includes the rental fee, insurances, towing service in case of breakdown and taxes. We do charge extra fees for unlimited mileage, GPS device, route atlas, border crossing to Chile, other extras and delivering the rental car or drop it off at other locations than Córdoba City.

6. Can I change the car during the pickup?

No, your rental vehicle is assigned in advance. Do not forget that we only have a small fleet of 4×4 vehicles and not a huge car park.

7. How can I cancel my reservation?

Just send us an email with your cancellation. We will confirm your cancellation also by email.

8. Do you have discounts for regular clients?

Yes, we can give such discounts.

9. Can I pick up or return the car on a location chosen by me?

Yes, we can agree on other pick-up and/or drop off locations than Córdoba City. Generally at locations within Argentina. In special cases also in Chile. Let us know your preferred pickup and/or drop off locations to quote the corresponding fee and conditions.

Beispiel: Sie übernehmen das Fahrzeug in Córdoba und möchten es in Buenos Aires abgeben. Entfernung Córdoba-Buenos Aires = 750 km. Zuschlag für die Einweg-Miete also 750 km x € 0,75 = € 562,50.

10. Do you have minimum or maximum booking length?

We do not have a minimum or maximum rental period.

11. What requirements do you have to rent a car?

Being at least the age of 21 years. Having a valid driving license. Having a valid credit card.

12. Which driving license do I need to have?

Your valid national driver’s license. If you have an international driver’s license, bring it with you. An international driver’s license is only valid if you also have the national driver’s license of your home country with you.

13. Can I cross the border with the rental car?

Yes, border crossings to Chile are possible. Our agency will report these to customs beforehand. Any number of border crossings to Chile are registered during the rental period.

Border crossing to Uruguay and Brazil (Iguazú waterfalls) is theoretically possible. Whether you are allowed to cross the border into Uruguay or Brazil depends on the border officials and cannot be guaranteed. When crossing borders to Bolivia and Paraguay, a deductible in the amount of the vehicle value must be insured or a security in the amount of the vehicle value must be deposited. A border crossing to Bolivia or Paraguay is generally not possible and not desired (high risk of theft).

14. How many people can I rent the car with?

With several people. One person rents the vehicle (main driver) and up to 4 other people can be authorized as drivers, at no extra charge! The maximum number of people to be transported is specified for each vehicle. The number of people usually corresponds to the number of existing seat belts.


In a standard car, there is usually space for 5 people (the driver, the front passenger and 3 people in the rear seats).

15. Where do I pick up the car?

The rental car will be handed over to you where you want to take it over.

This can e.g. be at the airport of Córdoba, in the center of Córdoba, at your hotel, hostel or accommodation. Pick-up and drop-off in Córdoba city is free.

A transfer or delivery is also possible outside of Córdoba and other cities. We bring the vehicle anywhere in Argentina and you can pick it up where you want it. However, this transfer service is charged additionally. Only € 0.75 per km from Córdoba is charged for an individual vehicle pick-up and drop-off outside of Córdoba.

For example, Vehicle pickup in Buenos Aires, 750 km x € 0.75 = surcharge of € 562.50

For example, Vehicle drop-off in Salta, 900 km x € 0.75 = surcharge of € 675.00

Please consider the huge distances in Argentina. An employee must drive the vehicle to the pick-up location. He must stay overnight in many cases. Catering is required. Then the employee must return to Córdoba. Fuel, toll fees, wear and tear and the days that the transfer takes, the vehicle cannot be rented elsewhere.

In fact, our transfer fee of € 0.75 is still quite cheap if you compare what other car rental companies take if they offer it at all.

If the cost of the vehicle transfer is too high for you, you can consider whether you should not pick up the vehicle in Córdoba or return it. Then, of course, these costs are eliminated.

16. Where do I drop off the vehicle? Is one way possible?

You can drop off your rental car at the location in Argentina, as we arrange with you when you rent it. Mostly this will be in Córdoba. However, we can also arrange to drop off the rental car in another city. Please ask for this “one way” option beforehand so that we can inform you of the extra costs. As a guideline, you can accept a cost of € 0.75 per kilometer from Córdoba for one-way rental.

Example: You take over the vehicle in Córdoba and want to return it in Buenos Aires. Distance Córdoba-Buenos Aires = 750 km. Surcharge for one-way rental is 750 km x € 0.75 = € 562.50.

17. Can I pick up / drop off the car in Chile? One way with another country?

Yes, it is possible to pick up or drop-off the car in Chile. The distance from Córdoba is also important here. There may be an additional surcharge, depending on the takeover or delivery target. Just ask and you will receive a corresponding offer from us.

18. Can I pick up or drop off the car on Sundays or public holidays?

Yes, this is also possible. A surcharge of EUR 50 will be charged for this.