Impressions from Argentina

Impression from Argentina

Impressions from Argentina – a foretaste of your rental car trip

The journey begins with the anticipation.

The pictures and impressions from Argentina show that Argentina has a lot to offer. Especially in a variety of completely different landscapes. It goes from the subtropics in the northeast with the spectaculous Iguazú Waterfalls through the steppe of Patagonia to almost down to the Antarctic. Below you will already find some impressions from Argentina. This will prepare you for your adventure trip through this beautiful country. This gives you a real desire to reserve a 4 × 4 rental car in good time to experience everything yourself.

Because it is really worthwhile to drive the huge Argentina in your own rental car. This is much better than hopping from city to city by plane. You will experience much more and you can also take great vacation photos as a souvenir for your home. Take your time, at least a couple of weeks. Do not forget that Argentina has the size of almost all Western Europe and the distance from north to south is the same as crossing the US from east to west.

We already wish you a good trip and an eventful stay in Argentina.

Your Facilrent team from Córdoba, Argentina

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