Impressions from Argentina

Impression from Argentina

Impressions from Argentina – a foretaste of your rental car trip

The journey begins with the anticipation.

The pictures and impressions from Argentina show that Argentina has a lot to offer. Especially in a variety of completely different landscapes. It goes from the subtropics in the northeast with the spectaculous Iguazú Waterfalls through the steppe of Patagonia to almost down to the Antarctic. Below you will already find some impressions from Argentina. This will prepare you for your adventure trip through this beautiful country. This gives you a real desire to reserve a 4 × 4 rental car in good time to experience everything yourself.

Because it is really worthwhile to drive the huge Argentina in your own rental car. This is much better than hopping from city to city by plane. You will experience much more and you can also take great vacation photos as a souvenir for your home. Take your time, at least a couple of weeks. Do not forget that Argentina has the size of almost all Western Europe and the distance from north to south is the same as crossing the US from east to west.

We already wish you a good trip and an eventful stay in Argentina.

Your Facilrent team from Córdoba, Argentina

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Weather in Argentina

Weather in Argentina is extreme

Weather in Argentina – you should pay attention

Traveling through Argentina with a rental car, so it is also important to pay attention to the weather. Because not only the distances in Argentina are extreme, but also the weather changes. Particular attention should be paid to rapidly growing “Tormentas” with storm-like rainfall within a short time and the associated street floods. Therefore you should bring yourself and the rental car to safety in good time. As if out of nowhere, there can be heavy hailstorms with fist-sized pieces of hail, especially in midsummer. After all, these hailstones can smash an entire car. That’s why you should always look for a protective shelter in good time before hailstorms begin.

Before planning a day trip, you should look at the weather forecast. In principle, the national weather service, the Servicio Nacional Meteorógico, is responsible, which issues weather forecasts for the entire country.

Argentine summer is high season for international tourism

Most international tourist, mainly from Europe and North America are visiting Argentina during the South American summer time between November – March. With the exception of the deep south of Patagonia very good, hot and sunny weather conditions dominate. Of course you should bring with you some warm clothing for the high altitudes of the Andes.

Current weather in Argentina:

Buenos Aires






El Calafate


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Hotel and hostel recommendations

Hotel Las Pircas en Villa Unión

Reserve a hotel or hostel?

We are happy to help you reserve or recommend a hotel or hostel within Argentina. Perhaps you already set your tour route when you rent the car and we can help you reserve the first accommodations. Especially if you speak little or no Spanish. Or you can get in touch with us when you are driving through Argentina with a rental car and we will reserve or recommend accommodation in the next destination city.

Here are our recommendations for typical stops during a rental car tour in Argentina.

Hotel and Hostel recommendations


Hotel Neper

Ideal if you don’t want to stay in the city center, but in a quiet, beautiful residential area. Car takeovers and drop-offs are ideal for us here, as it is closer to our office and there are no parking problems. From here you can quickly get north of the city.

Ona Hostel & Suites

This very good hostel in the good district of Cerro de las Rosas is suitable for a somewhat smaller budget. Many cafes, restaurants, bars and night clubs in the immediate vicinity.

Quorum Hotel Golf, Tenis & Spa

This very good hotel is located close to the airport. From here you can quickly get north of the city. Here vehicle takeovers / deliveries are possible without any problems.

Villa Unión

Hotel Pircas Negras

Visit the national parks Talampaya in La Rioja and / or Ischigualasto (Valle de la Luna) in San Juan, so the next and best place to stay is Villa Unión. Enjoy the view of the Famatina mountain range in the pool of the Hotel Pircas Negras.


Hotel & Resort Cacheuta

The Hotel Termas de Cacheuta is approx.. 30 km outside of Mendoza and ideal as a starting point for the journey through the Andes mountains towards Santiago de Chile. This has its own thermal spring pools and an excellent lunch buffet. Even those who do not spend the night here can book a “day of spa” with thermal baths, massage and buffet lunch.

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Tourist highlights in Argentina

Tourist highlights in Argentina

Here are the top ten tourist highlights in Argentina

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